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Next stop, Milos

Posted by Cool Your Jets IV on September 15, 2011

After Sifnos we boarded a ferry to Milos – the ferry being super cheap though slightly longer journey when compared to the cats though if truth be told, a much nicer journey. Sailing by day meant we were able to spend the crossing up on the deck (which you’re unable to do aboard the cats,) enjoying the sunshine and the blue waters of the Mediterranean. It’s quite a cool way to travel, the wind in your hair, sun in your face, passing by numerous islands – a mini cruise around the med!

Milos was so so, I believe Sifnos is rated the best Island of Cyclades which unfortunately we’d just left! As we left the ferry an old lady, dressed head to toe in black, with a face like a an over-ripe date approached us to see if we’d be interested in seeing her accommodation, initially asking for 40e we got her down to 25e.

Heading off in the direction of Milos‘s largest hill (a small mound really, though it was mid-day and we were fully loaded with berghans) she soon left us behind – her two/three minute walk was our ten minute blowing out of our backside trek! Eventually we arrive at a cute blue door and all seems quite promising – we’re above the port with a big church next to us, it was looking promising.

On entering the apartment we quickly stopped with Shelley bumping into my back – I could go no further in as there was a bed blocking my way. This was the room, it must’ve been all of a double bed with about a two foot gap around three of its edges, I’ve seen bigger wardrobes than this and not knowing the Greek for ‘…you’re having giraffe…’ she quickly realised we were not very impressed and promptly pulled some more keys out promising that the next place was even better.

Better in the sense that it has only slightly more space but with no window, just the door and also, neither a toilet nor a bathroom – she pointed around the corner, out of the main door to a side street which is where the bathroom was located! By this time it was sense of humour failures all round – the old lady was getting very animated by our real lack of interest and general feelings of hostility towards her – initially she was wanting 40e for these cupboards, it was a total joke so we left her there, this little old lady blasting out a 100 curses at us both, we headed back to the main part of town to dump the bags, grab a beer with one of us heading out to find some accom.

Heading out in a different direction I quickly found a stunning apartment – owned by an Austrian woman, she had a great little studio, overlooking the port on a quiet residential street for 30e – I quickly grabbed Shelley to check it out and being happy we checked in.

We stayed on Milos a couple of days, hiring a scooter we did a tour of the Island but pretty as it was we decided to move on, taking a 6 hour boat to the Island of Naxos, which is just after Santorini…

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One Response to “Next stop, Milos”

  1. toogreytogrind said

    Happy memories. I was in the Greek Islands over ten years ago and there would always be a group of people trying to get you into their hostels in the centre, read as on the hill. Always the best way to make your own way and find what you want.

    Not long now make the most of the two weeks.

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