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It was during 2010, my wife Shelley suggested that we both give up our well paid jobs in London – a job I’d held for nearly elevan years, sell our house and travel to South America via a Cargo Ship to Buenos Aires; a journey time of 32 days, stopping in Europe, Africa, Brazil, Uruguay before docking in Buenos Aires.

Having spent several months in South America we then decided, on a whim, to jump on a plane to meet up with some friends in Vietnam with our new plan being to travel through South East Asia – visiting Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand, Laos, Burma before finally finishing up in India.

We’re now in Thailand, Laos next!



11 Responses to “About”

  1. Jo said

    Eres un tonto! x

  2. jon said

    Thailand??? You planning on being the next Gary Glitter??

  3. Maureen & Keith said

    Bon voyage Shelley and Craig, and happy adventuring!

  4. jon said


  5. […] About […]

  6. I would love to hear more about the journey on the cargo ship. Something that has always sounded like an amazing experience!

    • Hi Amelia – thanks for stopping by and commenting. The cargo ship voyage was a real highlight, an awesome experience and if you have the time, one I seriously recommend. On the right you’ll notice my tag-cloud, click on Grande Francia, theres numerous articles along with photos. By all means, feel free to ask any questions.

  7. If you start here: and then click ‘next entry’ you’ll get the whole trip, almost!

    Be interested to hear what you think…

    Enjoy Tito – even though I ate too much steak whilst in BsAs i’m still envious of your going there, enjoy!

  8. Alex said

    using public transport in India is tough but riding a motorbike is for sure a “experience” take care, alex

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