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Goodbye South America…

Posted by Cool Your Jets IV on April 18, 2011

It’s been an interesting few months here in South America – Buenos Aires was OK, not as cool as we thought it was but given the distance, a damn sight cooler than Sydney in Australia, at least they speak a different language and are only fifteen years behind us from a fashion point of view. Peru has been fantastic and I would certainly like to come back to this part of South America to explore – everything you’ve heard about Machu Picchu is true – it’s stunning.

We’ve met some great people whilst away, really interesting individuals and couples most of whom we’ll keep in contact with (you know who you are…) We didn’t get to see that much more but we’re grateful for the flavour we have had. Tonight’s our last night – tomorrow we fly via LA, Hong Kong before meeting our friends Lisa & Jamie (recently engaged too so it’s going to be a great few weeks with those guys!)

So, goodbye South America and…


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Chupa (Suck It!)

Posted by Cool Your Jets IV on April 15, 2011

Celebrating the fact that our friends Rich and Lucy left yesterday(!) we headed out to La Chupiteria or Chupa (Brazilian/Portuguese slang for suck it) which is a shot bar just around the corner from our hostel (It’s also the place we went too during the presidential elections as it was one of the only bars serving alcohol!) Eventually the police closed the bar but because it was such a great place we decided to head back last night – going through the door rather than the window!

We got absolutely hammered – the happy hour(s) lasted all night and I really have no recollection of leaving and very little to talk about here!

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The other side of Cuzco…

Posted by Cool Your Jets IV on April 14, 2011

Whilst Shelley indulged herself at her favourite beauty parlour (of which I’m now actually thinking about taking a stake in the business, it’s cheaper,) Tug and I took the opportunity to head back to San Pedro, the covered market where we recently purchased our magic cactus.

Even though the market is 10 minutes max from Plaza de Armas, it’s a different Cuzco – no one troubles you for a massage nor are you having a menu card thrust under your nose every couple of metres. This is the real Cuzco – full of locals, ladies wearing their traditional clothing (including hats,) men going about their business, it’s wonderfully vibrant.

As well as the market there’s many people selling anything from vegetables to fruits to some sort of dish of which the salsa is a liquid containing several dead snakes (a phot will appear soon.) There are streets selling only shoes, a street for clothes and a street for buying witching ingredients, including Llama foetuses!

It’s a fantastic place to while away a few hours and here’s some photos to prove it!

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