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R’n’R in Sifnos

Posted by Cool Your Jets IV on September 11, 2011

It seems a bit cheeky saying this but having been in India for the last couple of months, we both needed a good holiday!

True, you could argue that having already been away for ten months seeing the World, that taking a holiday at the end is a bit much. However, India (as always) was hectic, never getting a moment to kick back and put your feet up so we’ve  decided to head to Greece, taking in some of the Islands before returning home.

Near on twenty years ago I’d visited the tiny Island of Sifnos – about a three-hour boat ride from Piraeus and is one of the Islands which makes up the Cyclades group. Sifnos itself is tiny, it has approximately 2000 inhabitants and 200 plus Churches dotted all over the Island. After the purlarva of getting to the port (taxi and metro strikes across Athens) we pulled into Port mid-morning…

It’s not changed one bit – I even found the small clump of trees bordering beach where all those years ago I camped up – a young man  with no money in my pocket, just my saucepans and gas burner – and a bottle opener! The only difference between now and then is the price of everything – Greece is in the middle of a financial crisis and you would’ve thought that prices may be slightly cheaper due to no one (not just Greeks, but everyone across Europe and the World) having no spare cash – accomodation owners are charging astronomical amounts and wierdly, given its out of season would rather you walk away than negotiate a price both parties are happy with. Thankfully we f0und a great little place, overlooking the beach!

Everything us super expensive, a can of coke is 3.50euro, a cup of tea is 3euro, a basic lunch (and I mean basic) is 20euro min – we’re struggling to pay these prices so I really feel sorry for families or indeed the locals – though I do think (and strongly believe) that there’s two prices lists in operation, one for tourists and one for locals which is a bit galling if truth be told.

Also, Sifnos is (surprise surprise) surrounded by the mediterranean sea, which just so happens to be full of fish – in fact looking left of where I’m currently sat I can see hundreds of fish all swimming around merrily enjoying their two seconds of delight, at the same time dodging the pathological kid, whose been in the sun a little too long being intent on bashing as many of them as possible with a stick!

Wanting to eat some fish, we asked in a restaurant to price up some fresh fish for lunch – they were quoting 70euro a kilo – 70EURO a KILO! As Shelley said, the fish are literally jumping out of the sea so how can they justify asking for so much?

Funnily enough, whilst enjoying our greek salad, I visited the bathroom to find the owner of the restaurant and his family tucking into several lobsters – I guess if you can’t sell it to the punters you may as well tuck in and enjoy it! Other than that, this Island is beautiful, we’ve a great room and we’re very much chilling out. We’re here for another couple of days before setting off to see another Island – our only hassle is deciding which one next!

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One Response to “R’n’R in Sifnos”

  1. toogreytogrind said

    Wow, 70 euro, what sort of fish was that sea bass, turbot?

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