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The Golden Temple, Amritsar

Posted by Cool Your Jets IV on August 21, 2011

The Golden Temple

Enjoying the view

The Golden Temple or Harmandir Sahib is a must see sight in the heart of Amritsar and according to wiki, receives more visitors than the Taj Mahal – being so culturally important to Sikhs and such an incredible sight, you can understand why. So, whilst visiting Amritsar, we joined the hoards and went to have a look…

Side Views




2 Responses to “The Golden Temple, Amritsar”

  1. Col said

    How did they get planning permission. If I tried to build a golden temple in down town chigwell there would be some jobsworth retired bus driver who makes it their lives ambition to ensure said golden temple does not see the light of day. Sing is King. Col

  2. Alex said

    it is definitely on the “must see” list, would even change my religious believes to Sikhism, if it they would allow me to shave face and head once a week 🙂

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