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As our journey comes to an end…

Posted by Cool Your Jets IV on September 21, 2011

Andrea, whom we met whilst aboard the Grande Francia continues his journey around the World (do look for two intrepid travellers in the video…)

It seems like a long time since we were aboard the ship, though we’re still talking about it – people we meet are always amazed when they hear about our leaving London aboard a cargo ship and our voyage to South America, following the coasts of France, Spain, Africa and Brazil – an awesome experience that still lives long in our memories. But alas, all good things come to an end and we’ve had a truly awesome time, met some wonderful people and experienced many highs and great times.

The whole adventure had been really special and we both feel very lucky to have had the opportunity to see the World – pretty much on our own terms, having no plan whatsoever, only to arrive in Buenos Aires and go with the flow. Argentina was superb, we wish we’d met our tango instructor sooner though know we’ll take it up when we eventually settle back in the UK. The friends we met whilst learning Spanish will remain good friends – some of whom are already planning to visit London later this year.

Machu Picchu was everything and more than we expected – at one stage we had no plans to see it, so very glad we decided to get to Lima and onto Cuzco – it was mind-blowing. Having no plan saw us leave South America to meet up with friends in SE Asia, Jamie and Lisa in Vietnam, our little holiday within our trip – Vietnam was such a beautiful country and travelling by train, north to south we pretty much saw all of it and so want to go back.

Whilst Phnom Phen wasn’t for us, the rest of Cambodia was – seeing the small river town of Kampot was a highlight with many drunken nights spent in the Rusty Keyhole, drinking cold beers and enjoying great food to meeting up with our friends Dave and Katie, en route to London having been to a wedding in Australia. Seeing Angkor Wat with them both – we couldn’t have hoped for two better intrepid explorers!

Thailand was everything we though it wasn’t – we were both expecting Bangkok to be a little bit like Old Delhi, ramshackle and broken, dirty and not really for us so imagine our surprise to see multiple high-rise office blocks on a par with New York – an incredible metropolis though it the places outside of Bangkok we truly enjoyed – visiting the Islands and being able to climb in Krabi, a longish term ambition of mine. To visiting the north, making friends in Chiang Mai and our nights inside Pinkys – a fine watering hole with some great characters though none more than Fon and Graeme – unfortunately the photo I have of Graeme is long deleted though the image has been burned into my memory!

Then there was India and our being spoilt rotten by Ram Mama and Madhu Mami, both of whom gave up their bed and fed us plenty of home cooked food, which after being on the road for so long was very welcome. Rather than visit the same places we opted to see more of the north and the foothills of the Himalayas. Having now been to Leh I can categorically say that this is my favourite place in India – riding our Enfield in the mountains, riding over the first and third highest motorable passes was a real highlight. Seeing Goa in a monsoon (and meeting our friend Tony from Chiang Mai, randomly paying for something in a supermarket) and for me bathing in Ganga Mata in Varanasi, for no other reason than, why not!

We’re now in Greece, have been for about two or so weeks – relaxing before we head back to London and finding somewhere to live, rebuilding our careers and planning the next stage of our lives with memories of this year shaping our future. It’s been a wonderful adventure and I couldn’t have had a better person to travel with, be with and to share all these wonderful times with than my wife and co-pilot Shelley, none of this would have been possible nor as much fun with out her – it’s been a blast babes x

The End!


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A slice of Pai and Pineapples for Elephants

Posted by Cool Your Jets IV on July 11, 2011

Just dropped the bike back and checked into our room here in Chiang Mai.

We’ve just completed a little over a 1000km on the bike, it’s been momentous, a little wet at times and we’ve seen some great sights – we’re shattered. Having decided upon hiring a 250cc enduro, the woman at Pop Motorcycle Hire soon talked us out of it – apparently the roads ‘oop north are all tarmaced and fairly decent; just prior she’d been laughing away at my suggestion of riding cross-country with no maps nor GPS (which is a fair one if truth be told) In the end we opted for a 650cc Kawasaki, a couple of dodgy helmets and little else – in fact we had a daypack between us with 2 pairs of skids each, a couple of t-shirts and a bar of a soap and toothbrush (we overdid the personal hygiene I know!)

Our first day was meant to be our longest, with a 360km ride Chiang Rai, on the edge of the Golden Triangle – North West of here are two borders, Burma to the North West and North East is Laos. Chiang Rai was a little unremarkable if truth be told though apparently it’s a little sleazy at the weekend – a kind of Brighton in the mountains as it’s where the Thais head to for a ‘dirty-weekend’ away with the missus or indeed her sister! Finding a place to stay we ventured into town and had a couple of beers, vowing to leave early the next day having seen none of the shenanigans we were expecting!

Rather than continue East, we decided to head West and the mountain top ‘town’ of Mae Salong – a Chinese Nationalist Outpost and one of the spots (several years back now) for the production of opium (though since the 80’s the government has clamped down and almost all villages in the area now produce other cash-crops.) We were planning to stay over though having seen all of its joys during the short ride through the town we made plans to make for Pai – some 300km South West of where we were currently – initially made up of mountain roads followed by a some nice straights mid-ride then back on to mountain roads into Pai.

We set off at breakneck speeds – the roads in the main were good, occasionally you would come around a bend to find a massive pot-hole in your way or even worse, a local driver (in a 4×4) overtaking on the bend you were coming around on (almost knee down) to find said truck bang in the middle of your line – a nightmare! Eventually making our turn-off, we had about 90 minutes to make it to Pai as it was getting dark and what with the local standard of driving and mountainous roads we wasn’t relishing – we’d also been told that from the turn-off to Pai was roughly 2.5 to 3 hours to drive, a distance of just over 100km…

We made it, just!

It was just getting dark as we arrived and beginning to rain – how we got there in one piece I don’t know, we over-took everything in front of us, cutting the corners of the road and powering out of bends, a rally exhilarating ride though we did pass a lorry trailer half way along which had jack-knifed in the road, the trailer well an truly in the ditch and no sight off the cab – not sure if this went over the edge as we managed to squeeze through and carry on with our journey!

For some reason Pai lacks a good write-up in the guide books which is odd – true, it is a little touristy and they have several western hippies all of whom have taken up residence in the town however we really liked the place. It was tranquil and having been riding for two solid days we were looking forward to putting our feet up and garaging the bike for a few days. We ended up staying for four nights – sightseeing the whole area, visiting local hot-springs, Pai’s version of the Grand Canyon and feeding elephants whole pineapples(!) we had a great few days there and left feeling totally relaxed – we even bumped into someone we’d met several weeks back whilst on Phranang beach in Krabi Province!

Our next stop was Mae Hong Son – apparently one of the most popular  tourist centres in the North West, someone somewhere is having a massive laugh at anyone visiting here – it was more dead than Nunhead Cemetary and I couldn’t wait to get out of there, the only thing missing was tumbleweed tumbling down the high-street! It’s one redeeming feature is the Highway 108 heading south – what a fantastic motorbiking road this was, long sweeping bends and super fast straights – a massive grin spread across my face as we powered on to Khun Yuam which is where we turned east, opting to ride through Doi Inthanon National Park – we should’ve stayed on the 108, the road through the park was too narrow, too windy and was quite difficult to ride – plus the Chief Navigator missed our turning which added an additional 60km to the trip!

Having completed 1027km we arrived back into Chiang Mai, we’re back in the same room we were in when we left and we’re glad to be back. Not sure of our plans tonight – probably a beer and a game of pool at Pinkys, followed by bed – probably a little after 10pm!

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