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Massages and Happy Endings…

Posted by Cool Your Jets IV on July 15, 2011

Having heard that the local Women’s Prison offered massages well, who wouldn’t be able to resist?

The Chiang Mai Woman’s Correctional Institution was previously a mixed prison though was recently converted to hold just women, 1500 inmates in total plus staff and for the last several years has had a very forward thinking Governor who rather than keep the prisoners locked up with very little opportunity to rehabilitate, has instigated a number of different opportunities for the woman, one being Massage. So a couple of days back we went along to check it out and get a massage.

First off, the massage doesn’t actually take place in the prison – it’s just across the road opposite the gaol. The room is bright and airy though lacks windows and there’s also a couple of guards on duty – other than that there’s a dozen or so women, all dressed in a spa type uniform. Shelley opted for the one hour foot/reflexology and I the two-hour Thai massage

Chiang Mai Woman’s Correctional Institution

I got chatting to my woman and she told me that she’d been here for twelve years (I didn’t ask what for) and was due for release this October. During the last 6 months of their sentence they’re offered various courses, anything from sowing, wordprocessing, cooking and also massages, enabling the women to start a business once they leave prison.

After completing several weeks of intense training they’re then let-loose (so to speak) on the general public.

It was a great massage in a pretty unique environment and one with a happy ending, though not the one you were probably expecting!


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Fishy Massage…

Posted by Cool Your Jets IV on May 21, 2011

Several, several years ago, whilst in the jungles of Belize we would notice that whilst bathing, we’d be attacked by hundreds of little fish – not in the piranha sense, though 40 seconds in keep your eyes peeled for the guy that made that mistake(!) These are more the size of goldfish, nibbling at our bodies removing dead skin.

Imagine my surprise then whilst walking into the centre of Siem Reap that there’s numerous places offering ‘fish-massages’ along with the normal offerings. Big open tanks, full of little fish, eager to devour all your dead skin – apparently they’re kept starved so they attack straight away! The experience is to be shared (though Shelley opted to hold the camera) whilst I dived in (in a literal sense) – it was hilarious and extremely ticklish, I could not stop laughing – it was too much and at one stage I had to bring my feet above water and I’m sure several of the little buggers were still attached to my leg.

For $1US you get 15 minutes, I’m now trying to find one where I can immerse myself fully obviously remembering to keep my shorts on!

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Morning, afternoon, evening or goodnight?

Posted by Cool Your Jets IV on April 21, 2011

I think we left Peru on the 19th April.

It’s now mid-afternoon on the 21st and we’re currently sat in Hong Kong International Airport – in that time we’ve flown from Peru to Los Angeles, had several hours there before taking a flight from there to Hong Kong – leaving LA a littel after midnight for the 15 hour flight.

Flying east, meant we were constantly in darkness so it’s all a little surreal at the moment.

Having arrived in HK around 6am, we quickly took the opportunity to head into town and see some of the sites – only everything was still closed. Eventually we found somewhere for breakfast – a bowl of noodles and chicken, followed by toast, sausage, scrambled egg and the strongest cup of builders tea (ever) is the preferred start to the day here!

Along the way I found some great pieces of graffiti (On the wall, Hong Kong) and a couple of markets. We then took a ferry across to Kowloon Bay and wandered there for several hours – with tiredness catching up, we both went for a foot massage in what turned out to be a bit of knocking shop!

Whilst there some English guy popped up sheepishly  asking whether ‘Golden Hands’ was in – she was and he was quickly shown into a soft red lit room, no doubt for a relaxing massage with a happy moment thrown in sometimes towards the end!

We’re now sat in said airport with a couple of hours to kill next stop Hanoi where we’ll be meeting up with Lisa and Jamie.

Snake-blood vodka anyone…?

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