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Cambodia, off-road!

Posted by Cool Your Jets IV on May 25, 2011

Ride completed

Yesterday Angkor Wat, today blasting through the Cambodian countryside aboard 2 Honda XR250’s, courtesy of Dancing Roads Cambodia!

We’ve had a great day-out (more photos here), our guide Chea was superb, initially we struggled to keep up though once we got going we were fine (though from time to time he would remind us who was boss!) The countryside is beautiful – passing through sleepy villages surrounded by palm trees, children with huge smiles greeting us as we travelled through, riding single track with paddy fields either side, that and a two foot drop which isn’t too taxing at 5mph, try doing it at 20mph!

We were very lucky as  the weather has been incredibly hot recently and 15 minutes in, it started to rain – this kept the temperatures down and also meant that the dust was kept to a minimum – we were able to slide the bikes around with ease. There were a number of jumps through out the day and as we grew more confident we were attacking them with gusto – even managing to get some airtime (no doubt when we look back on this in the future we’ll be embarrassed by our attempts) much to the amusement of many villagers who would come out to watch us ‘grab some air!’

All in all, we rode 127km through stunning countryside, we’re shattered!


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