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Morning, afternoon, evening or goodnight?

Posted by Cool Your Jets IV on April 21, 2011

I think we left Peru on the 19th April.

It’s now mid-afternoon on the 21st and we’re currently sat in Hong Kong International Airport – in that time we’ve flown from Peru to Los Angeles, had several hours there before taking a flight from there to Hong Kong – leaving LA a littel after midnight for the 15 hour flight.

Flying east, meant we were constantly in darkness so it’s all a little surreal at the moment.

Having arrived in HK around 6am, we quickly took the opportunity to head into town and see some of the sites – only everything was still closed. Eventually we found somewhere for breakfast – a bowl of noodles and chicken, followed by toast, sausage, scrambled egg and the strongest cup of builders tea (ever) is the preferred start to the day here!

Along the way I found some great pieces of graffiti (On the wall, Hong Kong) and a couple of markets. We then took a ferry across to Kowloon Bay and wandered there for several hours – with tiredness catching up, we both went for a foot massage in what turned out to be a bit of knocking shop!

Whilst there some English guy popped up sheepishly  asking whether ‘Golden Hands’ was in – she was and he was quickly shown into a soft red lit room, no doubt for a relaxing massage with a happy moment thrown in sometimes towards the end!

We’re now sat in said airport with a couple of hours to kill next stop Hanoi where we’ll be meeting up with Lisa and Jamie.

Snake-blood vodka anyone…?


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Posted by Cool Your Jets IV on November 27, 2010

I have several posts though lacking in time!

Currently we are in Dakar, we sat off the coast for almost 24 hours yesterday not sure if we would actually get ashore though last night we managed to go out with several crew members.

One night in Dakar

The “Bar” we went to was for lonely sailors, many pretty girls and lots of white guys – Shelley pulled, quite a nice guy though very challenged in the height deparment, photos to follow…

I do have several posts to add though pushed for time – next stop is Conakry then Freetown before we spend 9 days crossing the Atlantic to Brasil.

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Eating out in Central London…

Posted by Cool Your Jets IV on October 1, 2010

Having resigned, several colleagues have mentioned that  they’ll be lost as to where they can grab some lunch and wanted a few pointers. Listed here are my favourite eateries in and around Soho, Central London and having worked here for the last ten years I certainly know all the ‘best-value’ and ‘best-tasting’ places – plus several other shops of interest!

Lupita, 13 – 15 Villiers Street, WC2n 6ND

Not quite Soho but just around the corner is this newly opened Mexican street-food restaurant – JUST GO!

Bar Bruno, 101 Wardour Street, W1F 0UG

I’ve only just discovered Bar Bruno and it’s excellent. An old skool ‘greasy’ spoon in the heart of Soho run by a group of Italians (which mean both the coffee and pasta are excellent) – my favourite is Spaghetti Vongole which at £5.50 is excellent value. Don’t be put off by the brown wooden walls, the Formica tables etc this place is authentic and well worth a visit.

Fish & Chips, Berwick Street, W1

Literally around the corner from Bar Bruno, located at the top of Berwick Street, in the middle of the fruit & veg market is the best chippy in the whole of Soho – forget the chain pubs offering F&C with your pint, this is the place to go. Friday lunchtimes are packed with both suits and locals, with a long queue going out the door.

Wong Kei, 41-43 Wardour Street, W1D 6PY

An Institution! Located in China Town, this place is LEGEND! Several floors including the basement this is the real authentic Chinese experience bar-none. The food is awesome and certainly the best value food in Central London. Famous for their rude staff; ‘upstairs downstairs!’ is all you will hear.

New World, 1 Gerrard Place, W1D 5PA

The only place in London that serves Dim Sum from a trolley and boy do they come around quick. Within five minutes of arriving you will have a table full of very tasty Dim Sum!

Ristorante Cappuccetto, 8/9 Moor Street, W1D 5ND

Great for a spot of lunch or pre-theatre meal – a very authentic Italian restaurant which has very good lunch deal – Pasta or Pizza, with a glass of wine, £5.50, perfect!

Bar Italia, 22 Frith Street, W1D 4RP

Forget your identikit coffee chains, with skinny latte twist of foam and some other must have addition, Bar Italia is where it’s at for hand-pulled coffee in Soho. No frills, serving up the best tasting coffee to an eclectic mix of Soho’s finest.

Algerian Coffee Stores, 52 Old Compton Street, W1D 4PB

Around the corner from Bar Italia, Algerian Coffee Stores sell fresh coffee and have monthly deals on their beans; 500gms for £5.50 which is a very good when you consider that the beans are freshly roasted and ground in front of you – go try and buy 250gms of great coffee at the supermarket for £2.75 – it aint ‘appening! They also have an espresso machine and you can get a double espresso, latte, cappuccino for the princely sum of 90p <- exactly!

Stockpot, 18 Old Compton Street, W1d 4JL

Another old favourite (though there is another in the vicinity though this in my opinion is the better of the two.) Very good, no-nonsense food with daily specials. During the summer they open the whole front and is a great spot to watch the World go by.

Govindas, Soho Street, W1D 3DL

Located between Soho Square and Oxford Street is the Hare Krishna Temple which has an excellent vegetarian restaurant attached. Good value veggie thalis and other equally nice dishes.

Byron, 97 – 99 Wardour Street, W1F 0UD

Byron’s is a new addition to Soho and very welcome it is too. Excellent burgers, all of which are freshly made with beef sourced from small farms. Small menu (they offer 4 /5 different burger concoctions) nicely priced with a very good beers selection.

Yalla Yalla, 1 Greens Court, W1F 0HA

Yalla Yalla is a tiny Lebanese restaurant located down a narrow alleyway next door to two brothels. Fantastic street food and very tasty grills – definitely worth a visit though arrive early for lunch or book a table if dining in the evening.

Lina Stores, 18 Brewer Street, W1F 0SH

A stalwart in the heart of Soho – Lina Stores has occupied the same place for several generations. Currently going through a refurbishment (which is due to complete and Lina Stores will reopen during October 2010.) Great staff all of whom are very friendly and the choices of food are superb. They will also make you sandwiches whilst you wait – passing you pieces of prosciutto / salami to enjoy whilst you wait.

Ramen Seto, 19 Kingly Street, W1B 5PY

Tucked away on a tiny side street, (running between and parallel to both Regent Street and Carnaby Street) is this Japanese gem. Great sushi and noodles, the price is also very good – particularly given its location.

Rosa’s Soho, 48 Dean Street, W1B 5PY

Originally a pop up Thai Restaurant (Noodles,) Rosa’s relocated from Shoreditch during 2009 and moved into the heart of Soho. Tasty Thai food, all of which is cooked from fresh. Also has a lunchtime meal deal.

Il Cucciolo, 12 Denman Street, W1V 7RE

I’ve walked past this place countless times and only recently have I been in to eat! A great find – feels family run. Extremely good pasta dishes – good atmosphere and well worth visiting.

I will continue to add to this over the next several weeks – there’s so much choice at realistic prices and all road tested by me!

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