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A Jewel in the Desert

Posted by Cool Your Jets IV on August 1, 2011

City Views

On a whim, we decided to jump on a train and head to Jaipur, the capital city in the State of Rajasthan a semi desert area some 300 km south west of Delhi. Jaipur has just over 3 million people  and only slightly less forts and palaces, though only just and is all the more stunning because of it. Yes, it’s noisy and chaotic, theres elephants and double-humped camels wandering around but it has a nice feel and within is a beautiful old walled city which is fun t0 wander around, It’s also very hot!

Unfortunately, I managed to pick up a dose of Delhi-belly before we left which saw me laid low for the duration of our time there!

However, being able to self-proscribe at the chemist, I managed to pick up some antibiotics and immodium, which was very much needed! Because of my DB it was onlyon our last couple of days we were able to do some sight-seeing starting off with Hawa Mahal – the Palace of Winds, which like most places was built several centuries back and was the place where ladies in Purdah were kept. It was pretty cool (though we later realised the view from outside is better than the one within, which we now know is typical of any palace) and we spent a good twenty minutes(!) wandering around and looking out at the old city.

On our last day we finally got to see Amer Fort, located about 11km outside of Jaipur. Covering a huge area, the fort was built-in the 16th Century and is very imposing – all the hills surrounding the fort have a defensive wall, very much like the Great Wall of China only smaller! We could’ve spent hours there though only managed a couple as we were seeing family later that afternoon so just checked out the man sights – by all accounts there’s a tunnel linking the lower fort to the Jaigarh Fort (which is even higher up,) looking down upon Amer Fort.

We had a great lunch with the family and it was good to catch up with those guys and more family later in the afternoon. Later that evening we went out for dinner early as we had to be up at 4.45am to catch the train back to Delhi!

Tonight we’re heading to the domestic airport to pick up our flight to Leh and at the moment we’re too sure if we’re going to get any internet connection up there – we just tried to buy a pay-as-you-go phone and been told theres no network in Kashmir…


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