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Freedom Fighters this way ->

Posted by Cool Your Jets IV on July 30, 2011

Whilst booking our return tickets to Delhi (we’re currently in Jaipur, almost 300km south west of Delhi) I spied the following rules for the queue we were in. Not only was this queue for Foriegn Tourists, the Handicapped and Senior Citizens, it was also the correct queue for Freedom Fighters! How the heck do you prove you’re a Freedom Fighter, is there some form of ID Card or do you just pull an AK47 out of your bag? Do they get a discount, who are they fighting against – surely the Army is on hand to take on whoever?

It is however, quite handy having this queue as the one for locals is a nightmare. With over a billion people having your own space is somewhat a luxury – people will queue wedged up to the person in front of you with someone nicely tucked in behind and its a little disconcerting the first time you feel someone so close, breathing into your ear whilst their sweat drips onto your back!

The stations themselves are pretty nuts – built on a massive scale with platforms at least 600 or 800 metres long, packed with families, homeless people, randoms generally getting their heads down where ever they wish – or which piece of floor looks the most inviting and hawkers selling anything from rope to various tools including one size spanners – the chances of that guy finding someone longing to buy an 18″ spanner is pretty remote but you never know.


4 Responses to “Freedom Fighters this way ->”

  1. Love catching up on the travels! Hope you’re well


    • Great to hear from you Berns. Were currently holed up in Kashmir and its a little tense – we’re in the middle of Ramadan, it’s also Pakistan’s independence day tomorrow and India’s on Sunday – we’re promised curfews over the next few days… Hope you and the family are all well x

  2. anukita said

    Indian government issued id cards to freedom fighters as a proof and i don’t think that they use AK47 that time.:)

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