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A long way from home

Posted by Cool Your Jets IV on July 27, 2011

Whilst being driven around Noida, (a suburb in the south of Delhi) I’d noticed lots of men carrying elaborately designed water carriers, coming in all shapes and sizes. Initially I thought they’d been hired for a local wedding – traditionally the Groom’s family will walk to the Brides  escorted by several groups – some carrying lights (attached by wires to lorry containing a huge generator) and a band; trumpets, saxophones and drums – none of which are ever played in tune and whenever I see them they very much remind me of some voodoo type jazz band, more so at night.

Though this was different and whilst being in India it’s quite normal to see some sort of religious ceremony or indeed celebration going on, though these guys were different – during the month of July/August, Pilgrims walk to the 7th holy city of Haridwar (the Kawarias) trekking hundreds of kilometres to the Neelkanth Mahadev Temple aiming to either picking up holy water from the Ganges, taking at least a month to complete. The pilgrims come from all walks of life though the trek seems to be done mostly by men with the odd woman amongst them.

Most pilgrims wore flip-flops; some wore trainers and a number were barefoot.

I spent a couple of hours walking into the oncoming Pilgrims – most of whom were quite bemused to find a gora, on a dirt road in southern Delhi saying hi and asking whether I could take a photo! All were incredibly friendly and though they had several hundred kilometres to go, were happy for me to take their photo.

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3 Responses to “A long way from home”

  1. Shelley said

    The pilgrims (Kawarias) Go tot he Ganges, fill the water carriers and walk back. The water of the Ganges is considered pure and holy by the Hindus. Great photos!

  2. Ho Chi Minh City Travelfish…

    A long way from home « CraSh Williams' Blog…

  3. […] Back in 2011 I was fortunate in that I was able to go on a world-wide trip, taking in many continents and experiencing many rich cultures. Seeing the above time-lapse made me think about a time when I was in Noida, Delhi taking photos of pilgrims on their own epic walk… […]

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