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Massages and Happy Endings…

Posted by Cool Your Jets IV on July 15, 2011

Having heard that the local Women’s Prison offered massages well, who wouldn’t be able to resist?

The Chiang Mai Woman’s Correctional Institution was previously a mixed prison though was recently converted to hold just women, 1500 inmates in total plus staff and for the last several years has had a very forward thinking Governor who rather than keep the prisoners locked up with very little opportunity to rehabilitate, has instigated a number of different opportunities for the woman, one being Massage. So a couple of days back we went along to check it out and get a massage.

First off, the massage doesn’t actually take place in the prison – it’s just across the road opposite the gaol. The room is bright and airy though lacks windows and there’s also a couple of guards on duty – other than that there’s a dozen or so women, all dressed in a spa type uniform. Shelley opted for the one hour foot/reflexology and I the two-hour Thai massage

Chiang Mai Woman’s Correctional Institution

I got chatting to my woman and she told me that she’d been here for twelve years (I didn’t ask what for) and was due for release this October. During the last 6 months of their sentence they’re offered various courses, anything from sowing, wordprocessing, cooking and also massages, enabling the women to start a business once they leave prison.

After completing several weeks of intense training they’re then let-loose (so to speak) on the general public.

It was a great massage in a pretty unique environment and one with a happy ending, though not the one you were probably expecting!


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