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Muay Thai – Blindfolded!

Posted by Cool Your Jets IV on June 30, 2011


By 9pm Thaphae Boxing Stadium was already packed with a good mix of locals and tourists, all ready to watch and enjoy the nights entertainment with eight bouts scheduled including women fighters. Having purchased our VIP tickets earlier (and chosen our seats) we were ringside, right up against the ring ready to be splattered with blood, sweat and gore – we were not disappointed, a young guy in the second fight had his nose mashed across his face – it was a great punch and he was pretty much KO’d right in front of us and he spent a good five or so minutes on the deck receiving treatment.

The women fighters were good though one was busy preening herself through out the fight and eventually went on to lose. Unlike the men, they were a lot more graceful relying more on their kicking ability rather than punching and were quite ‘friendly’ with each other – almost apologising if one took a punch to the face.

Pre-fight rituals

Unfortunately the main fight – a farang versus a local didn’t happen, the farang had called in sick and was not going to be fighting – however, the referee called his manager in to the ring (along with the local he was due to fight) to explain why this fight wasn’t going to happen – in these instances I think the manager should take his fighters place!

The highlight of the night was during an interval when several fighters entered the ring and were then all blindfolded – they fought each other for a good five minutes not knowing where anyone was – even the referee copped a few punches (see 45 seconds in) though these were deserved, he was going around the ring kicking the fighters, it was hilarious!

All in all, another great night of Muay Thai – hopefully we’ll catch some more before leaving Thailand.


7 Responses to “Muay Thai – Blindfolded!”

  1. Shelley said

    Fab night out, shame about you falling into the bar in your drunken state!

  2. toogreytogrind said

    Were’s the pictures of the women fighters?

  3. col said

    Bonkers….. in my mind this is how any world political upsets should be resolved…… So you fell into the bar in a drunken state, failed to mention that in the blog heh….. class act. Wish I was there. Shel do you have any footage. col

    • to be honest, I’d forgotten all about it – we were hammered by the end of the night!

      It was proper del boy trotter styley – I was stood by the bar looking at the phots on the camera, lent back and fell through the bar opening landing on my arse amusing everyone who saw it!

  4. Alex said

    don’t get forced into buying the VIP tickets, get the cheapest they offer you as a farang (foreigner) and stay into the crowd for catching up the real atmosphere. If you are in bangkok, Lumpini Stadium and Ratchadamnoen Stadium are both great and have good fights. While Lumpini is great for shopping boxing stuff, Ratchadamnoen has Amphitheater style seats which really gives you the feel of watching modern gladiators.

    • Thanks for the comment Alex, appreciate it.

      We caught a fight whilst in Koh Tao and stood with the locals, it was a great experience – almost missed the fights due to people watching, like you say, a great atmosphere! Thanks for the tips re BKK – we’re back there in the next several weeks so will get along to one or both stadiums.

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