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Chiang Mai – Wat Tigers?

Posted by Cool Your Jets IV on June 27, 2011

Hiring a motorbike we spent the afternoon doing a quick sight-seeing tour of the City, visiting several Wats located within the Old City Walls – as ever, whilst visually stunning, once you’ve seen one, you’ve pretty much seen them all – a philistine, moi?! As mentioned in a previous post, there’s lots to see and do here, certainly enough to keep us busy for a good couple of weeks.

One thing we were both keen on, was to visit the Tiger Kingdom, about 15km north of the city.

It’s pretty impressive, being the only place that I’m aware of where you can actually get into the cage and get alongside the Tigers, you’re literally able to rub their bellies and grab their paws – we opted to see/get up close to a large two-year old and a twenty day old baby tiger. It was an awesome experience – these cats are mahoosive, the two years olds paw is larger than my head and the only thing there to protect you is a ‘guard’ carrying a small cane – I was pleased to arrive after the Tiger’s lunch as it may have been a different prospect if they were hungry!

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7 Responses to “Chiang Mai – Wat Tigers?”

  1. col said

    This post is rediculously cute and scary at the same time. want one. col

    • It’s seriously nuts, only in Thailand would you be able to climb into a tigers cage to ‘play’ with them.

      Whilst Shelley was rubbing one of Tiger’s belly, it sort of rolled, lifted it head up and turned to face Shelley – we both thought it was going to attack, much to the amusement of the guard and several people in the viewing gallery!!

  2. toogreytogrind said

    If I read this blog without seeing the pics I would not believe it. I love cats thing they are awesome creatures, and evolution has down an awesome job at creating the ultimate killing machine. Guess that’s my point! Would be scary to be there with one, but would love to do it. It’s a good thing some countries don’t have a nanny state and allow people to decide what risks they want to take.

    • Totally – whilst humbling being in the same cage you know that at any moment they could seriously fk you up – no messing, you would be big cat food in a moment. There was on Tiger, on its own, in a cage – if you got within two or three feet it would let rip with an almighty roar/growl – you could feel it in your chest! Seriously, was a really surreal experience though wouldn’t want to face one whilst on its own turf (or plain!)

  3. Jon said

    Awesome. Absolutely bloody awesome. I echo all said above. There is something so powerful yet graceful about Tigers, and all other large predators. In fact, man is about the only predator that seems to make a bloody loud noise when going about its killing. I’m a little surprised that you did not wear your new suit for the occasion though mate. I’m sure Mr Tiger would have been impressed too.

  4. Rich said

    Hey Craig!
    My God, this is seriously nuts. What an experience though.

    Thanks for your comment on our blog. Yeah we’re still doing the old covert photography but Lucy is better at it than me. We were in Chichi (Guatamala) yesterday attending the biggest market in Central America. Lucy got some amazing shots and mine were utter shite. I went into a real sulk! Ha ha! Just arrived in Mexico and the beautiful San Christabel. We’ll get some more blog stuff up soon. How are you and the lovely Shelley? Still enjoying everything I hope? Speak soon… Rich

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