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Muay Thai Fight Night

Posted by Cool Your Jets IV on June 22, 2011

A great night out watching the Muay Thai Boxing in Sairee this evening – made much better because there were several farangs on the card and whilst the locals were all friendly there was definitely a frisson each and every time a farang entered the ring! The event was quite low-key – a boxing ring with a couple of raised platforms on two sides,  a small stall selling beers and open air changing rooms all adding to the ambience of the evening with about 300 or so watching.

Three sides for the ring had seating with one side ‘reserved’ for standing only – this was the best place to be, amongst the locals and half a dozen or so farangs, all cheering the fighters and getting very animated. Whilst I didn’t see any betting I’m sure it was taking place.

There were about twelve fights scheduled, starting with the ‘kids’ – I use the term lightly, these young guys were hard as nails and gave their all in the ring, it was impressive stuff. Each fight was preceded by each fighter paying their respect to the ring and the opponent – at least this is what it looked like – bowing down/saluting each corner of the ring, getting on their knees mid-ring, bowing down before  knocking gloves with the person they were about to fight.

Following the bell the fight began. Each fight is scheduled for five rounds and they’re mostly kicking, not much in the way of hand combinations though plenty of elbows were flying in with lots of knees to the ribs, its brutal stuff – as I said, these were the ‘kids’ fights, I winced, just watching.

We then had the first of the farangs up and the crowd (in the standing area) became quite animated! It was a good fight though it’s quite apparent that the ‘farang’ is a lot larger than your average Thai – however, regardless of size the Thai guys do get stuck in. Elbows, knees, kicks and punches all landed and by the third round (out of five) the farang won – more through size than anything else.

More fights followed – one farang in the first round came out very strong, solid kicks and very good combinations, within a minute he looked as if he broke the other guys leg after they clashed legs, it was one hell of a kick which happened right in front of me – I’m still not sure how the guy wasn’t launched out of the ring.

The fight was stopped and the local guy was carried out of the ring in quite some pain.

It’s been a top night and really pleased we got to see it in such an intimate ‘venue’ – it made for a great atmosphere and whilst watching I had visions of being up there, yeah – I would’ve been a contender, or as Tug said ‘…come and get some chump…’

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3 Responses to “Muay Thai Fight Night”

  1. Shelley said

    The farangs all wore mouthguards – none of the Thai guys did! I enjoyed the night more than I thought I would. Craig, not sure about Thai boxing? How about Sumo?

  2. toogreytogrind said

    Sumo would be good, he is already at fight weight. LOL

    Great post, would love to see a Thai boxing fight. As you said, not many punches thrown, but when they do they use an interesting technique, more of a curving punch than a straight.

    • Oi – I’m almost at my ideal fighing weight, a shade over 85kg!

      You’re quite right re the punches – the farangs tend to lead wiht a jab whereas the Thai’s tend to use the front kick in place of the jab with penty of windmills following it up. Not really sure how effective it is as mostly they tensed to miss – it was like being on Union Street in Plymouth on a Friday/Saturday night!

      Was an excellent night though and when we’re in Chang Mai we’ll try and see some more…

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