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Posted by Cool Your Jets IV on June 17, 2011

Rear of sign

That was interesting.

Leaving the hotel a little before 10pm, we quickly arrived at Baan Haad Rin, the southernest most tip of the Island, which is where the monthly full moon parties take place. Being out of season it was surprising to see so many people – it was estimated between 18  and 20,000 party-goers, the majority of whom seemed to be in there early 20s’ and up for the party.

Baan Haad Rin has two beaches, the Sunset and Sunrise, either side of a narrow strip of land.

Full moon nights’ take place on Sunrise, a beautiful arcing beach approximately 1km in length; the sea being full of long tail boats, a couple of very nice speedboats and some yachts anchored up, a little further out.

Even though we’d heard all the horror stories around drugs – lots of undercover police actively targeting foreigners and if busted, you’re looking at a 50/60,000 baht ‘fine’ or 5 days in the local gaol plus your passport being  held for an additional month – an issue if you only have a couple of weeks left on your visa.

22:50 - spannered

Given the above, it was surprising that so many people were so wasted – it wasn’t even midnight and already there were several casualties being dragged off by friends or indeed, crashed out on the sand properly spannered (no doubt in the morning wondering why their mouth is full of sand!)

The music generated from numerous bars and sound systems was a mix of psy-trance, drum & bass and at one point Lady Gaga, fortunately no Bob Marley(!) All competing for punters – it felt quite oppressive and after a while, all blended into one, very much had the feeling of being at a fun–fair.

If truth be told, it was an ok experience, certainly not what I was expecting – I wrongly thought it would be quite an ‘organic’ party akin to a Glastonbury type of vibe or a the type of ‘free-party’ you’d see in places like London or Berlin. This was more utterly hammered groups of girls and guys – all screaming at each other, trying to be louder, more outrageous than their friends – it was a little sad really, this massive behemoth, which no doubt several years ago, when less ‘popular/cool’ would’ve been an awesome party is now reduced to trying to cater to all tastes; your lager louts, disco divas and queens, the rugby team and gap-year students.

Multi-vits here

It’s just too big and not that much fun.

Saying that though, I foolishly made the mistake of ordering the ‘Special-Shake’ thinking this would be a nourishing drink to sustain me through the party(!) Not wishing to comment too much, it certainly made for an interesting cab ride back. Cab drivers make a killing on full moon nights – their mission to get back and pick more passengers up see’s each and every one of them floor it – holding on for dear life in the back of his cab, it was like being on a scalectrix track – a great end to the night.

Just received the following re a friend which I thought I’d share:

How was the full moon. Did you howl at it. Rupz always has to howl at a full moon which is a bit embarrassing when you’re out and about with the hippy twat.


3 Responses to “Moon(shine)”

  1. toogreytogrind said

    Bring back the good old rave days, drinking water and dancing. Told you, you should have been in bed by half nine! ja ja ja

  2. thomkiss said

    Very interesting! We chose (at the last minute) to skip the full moon, and opted for a hair raising ferry ride in the storm back to the mainland instead. Glad we passed on it based on your review. Finally had a look at your blog after you commented on our blog a few months ago, your trip looks ace! We’re off to South America soon, may steal some tips……

    • Thanks for popping back and commenting. By far you made the best decision by taking a ferry ride in the storm – would’ve been a great experience and certainly more interesting than the FMP. Enjoy South America – drop me a line if you need any initial advice for when you arrive.

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