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Back to East Railay…

Posted by Cool Your Jets IV on June 13, 2011

Wading aboard and taking a Long Tail Boat, we quickly arrived at Ton Sai beach and within ten minutes had seen all of the delights on offer. Being out of season, it was quiet – very quiet. Whilst cool listening to the jungle, it just seemed a little bit of a let down – the room we ended up taking was only slightly cheaper than the one we had in East Railay, and lacked pretty much everything!

We wandered down to the beach and took a seat (or lay down cushion type thing) to watch the climbers, well, the two pairs who were practicing some bouldering moves wondering why we’d left East/West Railay with its various bars and numerous food choices. At 5pm the bar suddenly sprung into life as the electricity came on, music blared out ( typically, Bob ‘bloody’ Marley) and the lights came on.

This was it, Ton Sai it’s glory!

We waited an hour before heading back (our leccy kicked in at 6) and wandered out to view two or three of the open restaurants before vowing to return to East Railay the next day, thankfully we’d bought the key from our previous room with us so hopefully it’ll still be available!

Waking early, we headed back, choosing to walk – a thirty minute walk through hilly jungle where we were snaffled by mosquitoes arriving almost dehydrated back at our ‘old’ hotel – back to life and a decent room and a decent bed!




2 Responses to “Back to East Railay…”

  1. col said

    Glad to see Bob Marley is doing your head in…. here were my thoughts on the subject.

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