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Next stop – Ton Sai

Posted by Cool Your Jets IV on June 12, 2011

View of Ton Sai, from the beach at West RailayStill to complete my climbing course – I decided to take a ‘rest-day’ as I was pretty shattered and have aches in places I never knew existed, plus Tar was shooting up to Bangkok for a few days so it’s been a well-timed break.

We’re moving on from East/West Railay, though only by about a KM or so – moving to where all the climbers tend to live/hang out, Ton Sai. By all accounts it’s a very chilled out and relaxed area, they only have electricity during the evening and there’s only a few bars and smattering of places to eat – it sounds idyllic!

I resume climbing this Tuesday, my final day of the course. Tar was talking about a 150m multi-pitch route, which would be a first so hopefully that will happen. Sometime next week I’m also hoping to do some Deep Water Soloing (DWS) climbing above water minus ropes/protection. 



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