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D Day, Plus 1 – Operation East Railay

Posted by Cool Your Jets IV on June 7, 2011

Wading-out to board the Long Boat to East Railay

On the 7th June 2011, we grabbed a tuk-tuk shortly after 8am, quickly arriving at Ao Nang’s long boat station.

Because of it being out of season we had to wait forty or so minutes for more passengers to arrive –  as each long boat takes eight, you either have a short wait or indeed you could be sat there all day!

The journey around the headland is only twenty or so minutes, though it’s a pretty cool twenty minutes starting when we had to wade out in to the sea to climb aboard our boat, almost bootneck style minus the Day-Glo kit – we were fairly prepared having read up, the water only came up just above your knee so no worries.

Being aboard and looking back at Ao Nang nestled at the bottom of limestone cliffs, covered in jungle is a great sight – it’s actually quite surprising how ‘hidden’ the town is by the jungle. The water was emerald green and passing the headland we first saw the beaches of Ton Sai curving around the bay with West Railay just beyond.

Coming in to Ton Sai Beach

I can’t say how stunning both looked, everyone aboard the long boat was speechless, just looking up in awe of the surrounding cliffs – I must admit to being very excited looking at all the possible climbing opportunities and sad as it seems, imagining myself climbing solo from the sea, up one of the faces looking down at us and eventually bailing out, jumping back into the sea!

We’re staying at the Railay Garden View Resort – a stand-alone ‘resort’ up the side of one of the mountains surrounded by jungle, it’s pretty basic though we have a great view of the sea. Unfortunately it’s too far from where we want to be so we’re checking out tomorrow and moving down into the ‘town’ I use inverted commas as the peninsula is tiny, you can walk from east to west in about 10 or so minutes.

East Railay Beach

There’s several climbing schools, mainly in East Railay and I’m signing up with a group called Sea Cliffs, Rock Climbing and Tour, doing their three day course starting tomorrow, at the moment it’s just me signed up so I could very well find myself have one to one tuition for three days!

At this stage we’re definitely here for a week though we’re already nicely chilled out, the place is beautiful and I wouldn’t be surprised if we’re still here in two or three weeks’ time…


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