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Monsoons and empty Beaches

Posted by Cool Your Jets IV on June 3, 2011

Empty beaches

What was meant to be a quiet final evening in Trang, turned into one involving too much whiskey, good conversation and a late night finish – all totally unplanned as we needed to be up early as we were taking a minibus to the Island of Ko Lanta Yai, a smallish island within the province of Krabi. We were suffering so I can only guess (& hope) that Steve, Jill and Kia were feeling the same – it was a lovely evening and was good to meet those guys.

Feeling a little worse for wear, we jumped aboard the minibus and as per normal, the driver proceeded to nail it to our destination – these guys drive like they’ve just done a bank robbery – overtaking everything and anything in front of them, vehicles coming in the opposite direction literally pull over, getting out-of-the-way – it’s a proper white knuckle ride!

Thankfully we arrived in one piece and checked in to our hotel – the stunning Long Beach Chalet Resort, individual rooms, each on stilts, it’s really plush! At the moment it looks like we’re the only tourists on the island, as it’s the monsoon season very few venture this far though to be honest whilst it does rain, it only ever rains for an hour – though it properly honks it down though this means most places are empty and there’s good deals to be had everywhere.

We’ve hired a motorbike and we’re about to go and check the Island out…


One Response to “Monsoons and empty Beaches”

  1. Shelley said

    Then we hired a scooter and it rained again! Though we found a nice little bar to sit it out so it wasn’t so bad! Check my version –

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