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The Night Train (Bangkok to Trang)

Posted by Cool Your Jets IV on June 2, 2011

Booking our tickets the night before, we arrived at Hualamphong Train Station to board the 17:05 overnight express to Trang. I use the term ‘express’ loosely, Trang is approximately 750km from Bangkok and has a journey time of 15 hours, or in our case 16.5 hours – it’s anything other than express. However, we’d booked First Class A/C, had several cans of beer, a bottle of wine, a couple of movies and sleeping tablets – we were good to go.


The train departed swiftly – (this being the only swift part of the journey) and we settled in for the evening, carcking open our first cans. Shortly after which the ticket inspector introduced himself to us, a giant of a man, almost Andre the Giant in stature – wearing a white uniform which wouldn’t have been out-of-place in Top Gun and after clipping our tickets asked me whether I wanted a beer to which I answered no as I had my own.

Twenty minutes later our door was opened (by the same guy, not knocking) again asking if I would like some beer. This happened a further two or three times at which point I was starting to get a tad annoyed so next time he knocked, I said Yes – I was then told I had to buy him one!

We cracked on with our movies (Shutter Island and The Social Network) before crashing out for the night though just before crashing I tied up the door handle to a secure point in the room as the last time I saw our guy, he’d changed into his vest and pants – lady boy he wasn’t.

We’re now in Trang, a sleepy town in the very far south of Thailand, not a million miles from Malaysia. Tomorrow we take a mini-bus to the Island of Ko Lanta, famous for its long beaches and chilled out atmosphere. We’re there for a few days before taking a boat north to Krabi.

And for all you old skool 90’s ravers (and Nige) here’s our journey song:


2 Responses to “The Night Train (Bangkok to Trang)”

  1. Shelley said

    The conductor guy kept opening the door to our cabin without knocking – and though there was nothing untoward to see – he looked too shady for me to sleep at all well even after taking a diazepam!

  2. col said

    Ah thai sleeping pills, I know them well. took a couple when I came back from Thailand… and have no recollection of the journey, haven’t a clue how I got home from airport or anything… I think I sleep walked the whole journey.

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