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Before and After

Posted by Cool Your Jets IV on May 28, 2011

BeardyShaven raver

Shaven raver


The question is, do I grow and keep the beard or, keep it cleanshaven? Personally, I prefer the beard (though will need to keep it better trimmed,) so be keen to hear thoughts on this.


6 Responses to “Before and After”

  1. Jon said

    I think you should keep it. Perhaps a couple of colourful elastic bands could be used to keep it contained on windy days. Other just go natural.

  2. Da Flo said

    yeh keep and grow it longer – a la ZZ Top

    Great to see you both by the way, we had a fantastic time, got shed loads of pix and lots of great memories.
    I will never forget the ride either…….we need to do some more.
    See you whenever you get your sorry arses back to the UK.
    Bring on the Brizzer move …..will be great having you west side. Save on petrol when visiting, at least.

    • Aye it was great to see and catch up with you guys as well – was a good few days with an awesome bike ride in the middle. We’ve literally just arrived in Bangkok, staying in China Town – already the difference between here and Vietnam/Cambodia is immense. Heaidng out shortly to recce the neighbourhood.

      We’ve been chatting about Bristol since we saw you guys so it’s def a goer – the two guys we met in Buenos Aires (live near you guys) said they’d heard we’re thinking about it! It’s not that small a place is it?!

      Hope you got home in good time, enjoy the rest of the long weekend and catch up soon!

  3. toogreytogrind said

    Good that it is not too grey or you would have a Gary Glitter look, not that good for getting into Thailand.

  4. Abir Mathur said

    Hey, you guys look like you’re having such a fantastic time, wish we could join you.

    I think the beard looks great! Definitely keep it. You look like a professor of archaeology, may be useful in some parts of Thailand!

  5. YOu guys should def try and get out here – stop spending your money visiting Sheffield,dover and get yourselves here – the scenery is much better and the food is exceptional!! Re the beard, I’m frantically trying to grow it back, my last effort was about three months worth – a long way yet!

    Hope everyone is well back home, TC matey.

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