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Heading North, Siem Reap

Posted by Cool Your Jets IV on May 21, 2011

Having the opportunity of sharing a taxi (and therefore cheaper) sadly, we left Kampot yesterday to begin our journey north with our initial plan being to overnight in Phnom Penh before setting off for Siem Reap the next day. As we arrived in Phnom Penh Shelley suggested we check with the bus company to see if we could get an overnight bus that night rather than waiting to do the same journey the next day.

We got one – it left from the night-market just after midnight which meant we had a few hours to kill which we did by going for dinner (Frog-legs fried in ginger and garlic, superb) and several games of pool near the bus-stop. Amusingly, there were several young ladies in said bar all of whom were pool sharks and were very adept at ‘knocking’ guys off the table!

Joining the bus, we were the only ‘travellers’ aboard – apparently many travel sites advise against taking the night bus anywhere though we had no issues, apart from the locking mechanism on my seat not working though using gravity and leaning back, I was fine! It was a sweat box mind – 3o odd passengers suffering dodgy air-con and plastic seats certainly added to the aroma though the on-board toilet was the worst, after an hour into the journey it was stinking. Located on the lower deck (you have to crouch through to reach it) the door of said toilet states ‘…Piss only please…’ some comedian had also removed the light and what with the bus bouncing all over the road you literally had to wedge yourself in, if possible gaining 10 points of contacts before taking a wazz. Alas, as soon as you started the bus would hit a bump and you’d end up pissing all over the toilet, yourself and the walls!

Pulling into the bus station a little after 5am, we grabbed a tuk-tuk to our hotel – the Angkor Pearl Hotel, thankfully they put us into a spare room, they obviously recognised the ‘smell of bus’ and were keen to get us out the way before breakfast and other guests thinking they were staying with the homeless!


2 Responses to “Heading North, Siem Reap”

  1. col said

    Sounds like the No.12

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