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Fishy Massage…

Posted by Cool Your Jets IV on May 21, 2011

Several, several years ago, whilst in the jungles of Belize we would notice that whilst bathing, we’d be attacked by hundreds of little fish – not in the piranha sense, though 40 seconds in keep your eyes peeled for the guy that made that mistake(!) These are more the size of goldfish, nibbling at our bodies removing dead skin.

Imagine my surprise then whilst walking into the centre of Siem Reap that there’s numerous places offering ‘fish-massages’ along with the normal offerings. Big open tanks, full of little fish, eager to devour all your dead skin – apparently they’re kept starved so they attack straight away! The experience is to be shared (though Shelley opted to hold the camera) whilst I dived in (in a literal sense) – it was hilarious and extremely ticklish, I could not stop laughing – it was too much and at one stage I had to bring my feet above water and I’m sure several of the little buggers were still attached to my leg.

For $1US you get 15 minutes, I’m now trying to find one where I can immerse myself fully obviously remembering to keep my shorts on!


8 Responses to “Fishy Massage…”

  1. Thomas said

    Haha! Funny! OMG, would love to try that:) My feet are killing me running around the restaurant. I need it!!

    🙂 C

  2. Lucy said

    So funny, you must have had a lot of dead skin on your feet!!!!

  3. Looks like you’re wearing fish socks at one point!

  4. Vodka Dave said

    Will have to join you old son, fancy another dip?

    weve arrived by the way, dont have access to my email tho for some reason so leave a message at our reception or try my moby. in a while croc. Ready for action

    • Welcome to Cambodia!

      Definitely up for another dip, we’ll have to have a wager to see who can keep their feet in longest – get both the girls involved to. We’re just changing rooms at the moment and will be leaving for lunch at 12 noon – will swing by yours to see if you’re about otherwise lets catch up c 4pm at ours to go check out the sunset at Angkor Wat.

  5. col said

    Its vogue back here in England now…. In fact I saw a fish place Beckton of all places. Costs a bit more than a dollar though… so get as much fish action as possible while you are out there.

  6. col said

    Did the one legged guy that turns up receive the treatment, but they forgot about him????

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