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6. Whilst getting lashes or electrification you must not cry at all

Posted by Cool Your Jets IV on May 14, 2011

On entering Tuol Sleng Genocide museum or as it was previously known, Security Prison 21 or S21, you’re greeted by a white board containing the rules of the prison, these were the rules that were in operation during 1975 – 79, with number 6 being the title of this blog post.

Formerly a school, it was converted into an interrogation and torture centre four months after the Khmer Rouge came to power in ’75. Up to 20,000 were interned there – from all walks of life and were systematically tortured into making confessions, naming friends and family before being taken away and killed or indeed being tortured to death.

Having arrived in Cambodia last night, it was a sobering experience to go and see the prison first this morning. It was all a little surreal as whilst stood in the former classrooms/cells/torture rooms you could hear children playing in the streets around the complex and birds singing.

Only 7 people survived S21.

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4 Responses to “6. Whilst getting lashes or electrification you must not cry at all”

  1. Shelley said

    Walking around S-21 and looking at the shackles, the torture equipment and the photos, I could imagine the horrific scenes which went on here. It’s a shame on the world that it took such a long time to start war crime proceedings. Pol Pot and many other senior people who were involved died before they could be tried in a court for torturing and murdering their own country’s men and women!

  2. toogreytogrind said

    One of the things I like about travel is being reminded just how lucky we are and it is an inspiration to go on and do good things in life.

  3. col said


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