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The Royal Wedding, Vietnam

Posted by Cool Your Jets IV on April 30, 2011


Having missed all of the hype surrounding the Royal Wedding, I really did think about sitting in a bar all afternoon drinking the local poison, fully intending to miss the event at all costs – I’ve no interest in any of the Royal Family (though do hold a soft spot for Princess Anne, having met her once before.) However, the rest of the guys were keen to view it so we found a little bar around the corner from our Hotel here in Hoi An, comandeering their TV!

I must admit to enjoying the whole spectacle – that or the fact that several tiger beers with rum and coke chasers numbed the senses completely! Prince harry let me down a tad as was fully expecting hin to turn up in his Nazi uniform! We were also the only ones in the bar watching though some French did make to come in the bar and quickly about-turned once they saw what we were watching! We toasted the Bride & Groom with an Aussie/Kiwi couple plus our Vietnamese bar hosts and lit up a Cuban Monte Cristo cigar – which Gareth had bought me for my 40th birthday back in November.

Though credit where credit’s due, her sister Pippa has a great rear-end – no wonder Harry was grinning to himself all day long, no doubt forming plans as to how he’ll go about getting several gin’s in her!


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