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Landlocked in Cat-Ba, Vietnam!

Posted by Cool Your Jets IV on April 25, 2011

Leaving Hanoi early, we set off for Halong Bay to begin our Junk experience – 3 days and 2 nights sailing the Asian seas, eating lovely fresh seafood and all round general relaxing. The mini-bus to Halong Bay took a good four hours though we’d gotten here a lot sooner if we’d bypassed the ‘Tourist-Warehouse’ where every other tourist bus seems to stop – the place was full of expensive tat, bored staff and even more bored ladies sewing pictures of tigers and the such, I did stick around watching this in the hope that someone, through boredom actually stuck a needle in their eye. Alas this wasn’t to happen so we resumed our journey to Halong Bay.

Halong Bay or certainly the port area is a stinking hole of a place – full of tourists, the majority of whom seem to be the affected ‘Gap-Year’ trustifarians, all of whom are uber cool wearing the latest in gaudy fashion – baggy bright multi-coloured trousers, white vests advertising some great noodle bar – something along the lines of ‘…D’og Lick Ball & Fook U Noodle Plate…’ and their obligatory (red, green, yellow, multi-coloured – choose) Wayfarer Ray Bans.

Plus, some Germans and a few Scandinavians.

Having left the booking to the girls, Lisa ‘Thomas Cook’ Tomlin and Shelley ‘Saga’ Williams to book the grand voyage, we fully expected to arrive, get aboard the Junk and sail off into the sunset. Only this time, our heroes, from within the Procurement World – one a former travel specialist within Local Government had actually secured us a concrete seat on the port itself which is where we sat looking at the boats for several hours.

Now a full twenty four hours later, we’re sat in the seaside town of Cat-Ba – granted, the journey yesterday aboard a Junk – with plenty of other plebs, was certainly a great start – seeing some stunning sites, grottos and floating villages, however a full twenty-four hours later we’re still no closer to joining our boat. Our guide, a chap called Duc (prefers to be known as D) was at first quite humourus now he’s a complete pain in the arse – apparently we will be joining our boat at 4pm today (I don’t believe this) apparently for two nights though I’m bot holding my breath.

mmm, I will have some photo’s to upload at some point however at this stage it’s all going a bit pear-shaped and I’m starting to have a real sense of humour failure. For three days we’re supposed to be sailing the China Seas, so far I’ve done jack.


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