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Hello Hanoi!

Posted by Cool Your Jets IV on April 22, 2011

What can I say about Hanoi other than WOW – this place truly rocks and already I feel like this is the place to be. The hustle and bustle, the noise – motorbikes coming at you from all directions, cars tooting their horns, the streets teeming with people – locals squatted on the pavement cooking over hot stoves, this is what I left London to experience, I’m so happy to be here I cannot begin to describe!

Arriving late night and if truth be told, pretty exhauseted, we were met by Jamie and Lisa our friends from back home – also recently engaged (congrats) we grabbed a quick shower and headed off into the night. Several beers later we were safely tucked up in bed for a good nights sleep. Today, we’ve been exploring, we’ve almost been run over several times though we’ve now perfected the knack of crossing the road… You give just a cousery glance and step off the pavement into traffic – the idea being is that if you walk in a straight line not hesitating then the traffic will move around you! Daunting at first, it really does work – keep your head down, feel the force (or direction) and you’ll safely cross the road!

We’re in the old part of town – it reminds us very much of down town Delhi, everyone going about there business, street food, hawkers and general bonkers stuff to see. We/’ve just had a great lunch, cooked at the table by the owner – some beautiful fish with fresh vegetables and noodles, several beers which all came to about £12 for four people. On the way back to our hostel/hotel we stopped off at a street stall selling ‘young-beer’ – supping this on tiny chairs until the military police turned up and at which point the old lady owner dragged us onto the path to stop us being arrested!

Hanoi is the nuts!

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5 Responses to “Hello Hanoi!”

  1. Looks freaking amazing Craig! Wish we were there with you fella and enjoying the cock.

    • You gotta love the cock!

      Good to hear from you Rich, we’re having a truly great time here in Hanoi, I already feel at home – great food, buzzy atmosphere and general bonkersness, loving it!

      Hope you guys are both well and enjoying your onward travels.

      Hasta Luego!

  2. toogreytogrind said

    What´s Frida Kahlo doing down there, you got mixed up with Mexico where are you?!

  3. Ho Chi Minh City Nightlife…

    Hello Hanoi! « CraSh Williams' Blog…

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