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Back to Lima, next stop Vietnam

Posted by Cool Your Jets IV on April 18, 2011

Well, South America is almost behind us and we’re back in Lima – in next couple of days we’ll be boarding a Cathy Pacific flight to Vietnam via Los Angeles and Honk Kong and whilst LA doesn’t really appeal, we’re definitely going to try to get some feet on the ground in HK…

Having been in Cuzco for the last couple of weeks – a beautiful city in the mountains, surrounded by lovely architecture and everything on our doorstep, it’s definitely a wake up call being back in the City. Thankfully, we’ve opted to stay in the Barrio of Barranco rather than Miraflores, which if truth be told was a bit of dump. Barranco is another district of Lima and has quite a nice feel to it – the beach is close, the restaurants we’ve found are packed with locals and we’re quite happy to be here.

We did make a mistake with our first hostel (this was after Rich & Lucy stole our booking for where we are now) Our first place was like a converted lunatic asylum – a really expensive room, with a skylight for a window (with bars) and nobody else staying there – we left pretty sharpish!

We’re now staying at Barranco Backpackers which is owned by a Bermondsey Boy called Chris he’s been living here for the last several years and has already recommended a good couple of restaurants (Canta Rana and also Muelles.) Staying here and being in Barranco is a fitting end to our time in South America.

We finally said goodbye (and good riddance) to Rich and Lucy both of whom are continuing North – we’ll hook up again next time we’re in the UK.

Apparently, Ho Chi Minh is a Son of a Bitch – we’re about to find out…

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3 Responses to “Back to Lima, next stop Vietnam”

  1. tomk68 said

    I’ve really enjoyed your blog and gotten some great ideas. HMC is lots of fun and you can get a really nice room for about $20 U.S.

  2. You guys seem to stop at the same place I do. La Chupitería in Cusco and my favourite bar in Lima/Barranco: Juanito where I’ve been drinking a couple of Cusqueñas for over two decades now every time I’m in Lima. Had a couple of meals @ Canta Rana. Don’t forget to have a last amazing meal in one of Lima’s cevicherías or other good eateries. Nice gigs @ Can’t wait to go back.
    Hope for you Hong Kong is cheaper now than when I visited after 6 weeks in Vietnam in 1993 prior to flying to Manchester with … Cathay Pacific.
    Enjoy Vietnam!

  3. Thanks for stopping by and commenting on the blog – we’ve had a blast in South America though all good things come to an end! Here’s looking forward to South East Asia – thanks for the tips!

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