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Chupa (Suck It!)

Posted by Cool Your Jets IV on April 15, 2011

Celebrating the fact that our friends Rich and Lucy left yesterday(!) we headed out to La Chupiteria or Chupa (Brazilian/Portuguese slang for suck it) which is a shot bar just around the corner from our hostel (It’s also the place we went too during the presidential elections as it was one of the only bars serving alcohol!) Eventually the police closed the bar but because it was such a great place we decided to head back last night – going through the door rather than the window!

We got absolutely hammered – the happy hour(s) lasted all night and I really have no recollection of leaving and very little to talk about here!

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6 Responses to “Chupa (Suck It!)”

  1. Col said

    Was it like the send off from the uk, did you and Si remain fully clothed. Col

  2. Unfort we were missing our other oppo – though we had spoken about it a day or two before!

  3. Da Flo said

    Loving the post…..errr….pic of the blonde chica

  4. Chupar in Peruvian Spanish is to drink, from there the name. Might as well come from the Iberian Spanish ‘chupito’ which is shot (barwise).
    I have seen some other Brits a few months ago come in sober as one can be. After the party of 6 had two tea pots none of them remembered they were in Peru. Nice small bar.

    • ….this place was also one of the only places we could find b++r during the Peruvian elections (hope no one in authority see’s this) And to gain access we had to climb through the window to get in! A fantastic place serving too strong a cocktail, but oh so moreish – well worth a visit or three though be prepared to write the next day off!

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