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The other side of Cuzco…

Posted by Cool Your Jets IV on April 14, 2011

Whilst Shelley indulged herself at her favourite beauty parlour (of which I’m now actually thinking about taking a stake in the business, it’s cheaper,) Tug and I took the opportunity to head back to San Pedro, the covered market where we recently purchased our magic cactus.

Even though the market is 10 minutes max from Plaza de Armas, it’s a different Cuzco – no one troubles you for a massage nor are you having a menu card thrust under your nose every couple of metres. This is the real Cuzco – full of locals, ladies wearing their traditional clothing (including hats,) men going about their business, it’s wonderfully vibrant.

As well as the market there’s many people selling anything from vegetables to fruits to some sort of dish of which the salsa is a liquid containing several dead snakes (a phot will appear soon.) There are streets selling only shoes, a street for clothes and a street for buying witching ingredients, including Llama foetuses!

It’s a fantastic place to while away a few hours and here’s some photos to prove it!

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7 Responses to “The other side of Cuzco…”

  1. Diane Moeller said

    Very cool post. We will be in Cusco in 3 weeks and will visit this area. Thank you!

    • Thanks Diane – Cuzco is really fantastic – do feel free to ask any questions, we’ve been here nearly three weeks! Enjoy.

    • Mike said

      Hi Diane
      Enjoy your visit to Cusco, I’m a South African who now lives in Cusco – photographer + promote responsible travel to the Peruvian Amazon out of Puerto Maldonado, less than an hour’s flight from Cusco.

  2. Hope you had a blast in Peru and Cusco and wish you the best of luck in Vietnam which I have visited on two occasions. Wonderful country in the nineties. Food wise something really new for me back in 1996 and maybe the best beer of South-East Asia.

  3. Mike said

    Great images Crash!

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