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White water rafting…

Posted by Cool Your Jets IV on April 11, 2011

Tug & I leading the way, kind of!

With Shelley visiting Lake Titicaca Myself, Tug, Richard and Lucy went white water rafting – 2 hours outside Cuzco. Tug and I were already shattered from our exploits the previous day so there was little in the way of humour or conversation taking place at 8am this morning.

We booked our tour with Aqua Trek Peru and so pleased we had – they’re the only company that have a dedicated building at the end of the trip – if this wasn’t great enough, they also have a sauna which was luxury having been in the cold water for near on two hours!

The river was quite high, fast flowing and the guide graded it at 3 / 4 (5 being the maximum.)


3 Responses to “White water rafting…”

  1. col said

    So who was best on the bikes?

    • Both did well though my experience of the Bandit12 certainly helped from a balance point of view. Tug did really well – having seen him on Dixie I thought the move to 650 (albeit an enduro) might see him struggle – he was nailing it!

  2. VD said

    I see the figures for the white water a bit ambiguous …….much like JOhn and his 6

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