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Xtreme Motorbike Champs – Tug vs Corporal!

Posted by Cool Your Jets IV on April 10, 2011

X7 and x18 mark the win for the champ!

Following on from Tug’s Previous post (Tug giving it LARGE) today is the day of reckoning. Both riding 650cc Enduro Machines we’re heading out to the mountains of Cuzco climbing up to a height of 4000 plus metres. Ten minutes will be on Tarmac, the following 75 miles are all off-road!

The weigh in is complete – I’m carrying an extra two KGs on young Tuggy Boy but following on from the recent darts championship (which I won, double 7 with double 18 to finish…) the Corporal should have this one in the bag.

Let battle commence!


One Response to “Xtreme Motorbike Champs – Tug vs Corporal!”

  1. col said

    Hmmm big bike and darts experience versus mountain bike nutter…… I see broken limbs here.

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