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Cuzco, an alcohol free zone!

Posted by Cool Your Jets IV on April 9, 2011

Due to presidential elections taking place this weekend, the whole of Peru is now a Dry Country – you cannot purchase alcohol anywhere which is a bit of a nightmare as it’s also Lucy’s birthday. The alcohol ban is in place from Friday through to Monday – no beer all weekend! However, walking around the back streets you’re able to find bars willing to sell you beer though the one we were in last night was busted by the police. One of the staff came running up the stairs to tell us the police were coming and to hide our drinks – it was all very amusing with our drinks being hidden behind cushions, behind curtains etc. The police took an age to complete their paperwork so we decided to head across Cuzco in the hope of finding another…

Down a dark street we heard what sounded like a busy bar and knocking on the shutter a window was opened and we were invited in, though not through the door – we had to climb through the window! Packed to the rafters with locals, it was a great cocktail bar and we settled in for the long haul. inevitably, the police turned up – mob-handed as well and I did think it was about to get ugly though they eventuallymovedand rahter then get a massive fine the bar-owner decided to call it a night.

Directly opposite some dodgy guys were stood by a door beckoning us over. It quickly materialised that there was a disco taking place no more that 20 metres from where the police were just stood! By this time, it was myself, Tug & Lucy left so deciding to continue our night, in we went. There was a large Israeli contingent none of whom could dance due to being so hammered – we quickly joined them!

Dancing the night away, aided by copious amounts of fernet cola and vodka we were pretty much the last ones to leave, a little after 5am.

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2 Responses to “Cuzco, an alcohol free zone!”

  1. Shelley said

    Great night out. Shame illness prevented me from staying out til the end. Let’s hit Mama Africa as soon as the ban lifts!

  2. Hahahaaaaa, that´s hilarious! Wished we could have joined you crazy people:)

    – C

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