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Leaving Ollantaytambo

Posted by Cool Your Jets IV on April 7, 2011

Winn and her Husband, Casa de Wow

Rather than head straight back to Cuzco, we decided that we would take the opportunity to check out the small town of Ollantaytambo – an original Inca town, in fact behind Plaza de Armas you can still see the old Inca canchas (blocks) which are still occupied by  the towns people. Ollantaytambo has a number of Inca ruins, one of which you pay for though in my opinion the view from the car park is better than actually paying to go and in and view. However directly opposite, on the other mountain are a number of other Inca ruins – all of which are free to view (providing you have the stamina to scramble up) and the view of Ollantaytambo is excellent as it is of the other ruins.

We found a fantastic Hostel – Casa de Wow, a newly opened Hostel on the edge of the Inca canchas. It’s owned by a Peruvian artist and his American wife, Winn. the Hostel was fantastic, quite small but very cosy – having been out for dinner we came back with a bottle of wine and made use of their TV/DVD – a proper flat screen with decent sound, big comfy sofas – it was like being round at a mate’s house!

Salt Pans

Meeting our driver Sr. Alberto in Plaza de Armas we set off for a days sight-seeing en route back to Cuzco. First stop, was Salineras – salt pans cut into the side of a mountain, thousands of years old. This was so-so, mainly because of the recent rain, the white salts had turned muddy brown – i’d have been a bit annoyed if I had paid full whack to see this, thankfully this was on the way home.

Our next stop was pretty special – set within a natural dip in the ground was Moray which was a number of concertina circles, each cut into the hill with fantastic stonework supporting. It’s believed that this was a plant


nursery as each level has its own micro-climate though making my way down to the bottom and into the middle and then calling  out was pretty special – the acoustics were superb and even though I was speaking very loudly, my voice reverberated all around me!


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