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Finding San Pedro

Posted by Cool Your Jets IV on April 7, 2011

Tug sourcing San Pedro

Having decided that $80US per person was much too much for the San Pedro/Shaman experience, Tug and I set out to locate our own San Pedro and thought the locals market would probably be the best place to start – more so since Tug had seen a Witches market next door to the main covered market.

 We asked a couple of locals where we might find San Pedro and were quickly pointed in the direction of the covered market – this is where the fun begun! Tug being more competent with the Spanish language started to ask – we found it a tad strange that everyone was saying yes to our questions re San Pedro, though no one seemed to have any. Following several failed attempts we quickly realised that the market itself was called San Pedro and we were bang in the middle of it!

Eventually we saw a woman sat on the floor surrounded by various powders and on closer inspection, packets of spells – it was looking good. A quick chat, she assured us that she could indeed obtain what we were looking for and she set off into the middle of the market to pick up our purchase. We handed over S/40 for four packets of San Pedro…

Now we need to find ourselves a Shaman…


2 Responses to “Finding San Pedro”

  1. Da Flo said

    So did you consume Peter?
    what was it like?

    • We didn’t get a chance – given it’s at least a 10 ‘hour’ experience, I thought it more wise not to, unless we were with someone/shaman – couldn’t gotten very messy!

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