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Machu Picchu

Posted by Cool Your Jets IV on April 6, 2011

Theres not really too much to say about Machu Picchu other than WOW – it’s truly stunning, without doubt one of the most incredible sights I’ve ever seen. Rather than type it all up, here are a couple of new in-sights discovered whilst there, along with some photos from the day…

History shows that whilst Machu Picchu was known locally, nobody from the West was aware of its exisitence. This was until 1911 when a chap called Hiram Bingham set out from America to search for lost Inca Cities. Having travelled along the Urubamba River, he was relaxing in a local bar (kind of) and got chatting to a local farmer who told him about some ruins atop the mountain above their heads. Not expecting too much, the following morning he set off with the farmer’s Son, an eleven year old boy.

On reaching Machu Picchu he was greeted with a famous phrase which in English sounds something like ‘…..get orf my land….’

Indeed Machu Picchu was inhabited by two local Peruvian families who had been living up amongst the ruins for the last several years. There was another family before them and even earlier a Frenchman. However, sometime during the mid 1800’s some European had already laid his towel amongst the ruins for Machu Picchu, yep a German was one of the first people from the West to see Machu Picchu – plundering the site of treasure! 

Quite rightly, it was recently nominated as one of the New Seven Wonders of the World – it really is!

The Small Pox, brought over by the Spanish put paid to the Incas though my friend Colin has quite an interesting take as to why:

‘…the place would probably still exist if they had put roofs on the buildings, no wonder everyone left. And right up high in the mountains – where’s the planning in that…?’

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