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Posted by Cool Your Jets IV on April 5, 2011

Inca Ruins above Ollantaytambo

Risking life & limb for a photo opportunity!

Just had a great few days in Peru – we’ve been up Machu Picchu, it was spectacular – photo’s to follow. Currently enroute back to Cuzco and holed up in the sleepy town of Ollantaytambo (2 hours to either Cuzco or Machu Picchu.) it’s also where you pick the the train up from to get to MP. There’s some great Inca ruins in the town, one of which you pay for and t’other is free and a scramble up the hill to view. Will be heading up to the free ones in the next couple of hours!


6 Responses to “Ollantaytambo”

  1. Thomas Krettler said

    This will be my base area during my trip to the Sacred valley. Looks like a good pick. Thanks for the great pictures.

    • Hi Thomas – just back from our trip. I’m still to upload the last few days though what I can say is that Ollantaytambo is stunning and you could do a lot worse than base yourself there. We stayed at ‘Casa de Wow’ a newly opened hostel, its without doubt the best hostel I’ve stayed in – I’ll be adding more photos in the next day or two so do come back and have a look.

      • Thomas Krettler said

        That’s actually where I’m staying. Winn is a friend and co-worker from long ago I found on Facebook. I’d been thinking long and hard about a trip to Peru and when I discovered she was living there and running a hostel that cemented my decision to make Peru my next trip.

  2. Thomas thats nuts!

    You’ll love their place – it really is a ‘home from home’ we wish we were staying longer, it was so peaceful and Ollantantambo is a great place to base yourself plus Winn and her husband have some great plans for the future, both of them are very inspiring.

    Do pass on our regards!

  3. Great advice and post – I think we’ll be going through Ollantaytambo twice on our trip in July, so thanks for the info. Neat photos!

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