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We’re loving Cuzco, Peru

Posted by Cool Your Jets IV on April 1, 2011

View of Cuzco whilst descending from Sacsayhuaman (Sexy Woman!)

Time has almost come to a halt, we’re chilled out and very much enjoying Cuzco – we’ve only been here for four days so far and already lost track of time . It’s such a great place we’ve re-scheduled our flight tickets back to Lima enabling us to stay longer – I must say though, Peruvian Airlines have been superb, not only do they speak very good English in their call-centre, they’ll also change your flight tickets with no charge and, this being the best bit, they’re nearly 50% cheaper than any other airline – you’d have thought that there would be chickens running up and down aisle of the airplane, it was that cheap!

View from our new room at Hostel Corihuasi

Initially we stayed in quite a nice hostel just off the main square, whilst a really nice place it did seem like we were the only guests so today we relocated, only an extra five minutes from the main square but we’re now in a corner room and we have the most spectacular view of Cuzco, it’s really breathtaking. The hostel (Hostal Corihuasi) is really cool, Shelley managed to get a 50% discount for the best room in the place, this saving will help due to recent purchases of clothes and shoes!

We’ve lots planned over the next couple of weeks; our friends Rich and Lucy left Cuzco today to hike the Inca Trail up to Machu Picchu, something like 50km with the highest point being just above 4000 metres. We thought about doing it and quickly changed our minds(!) Instead we’ve hired a driver to take us to a local market before dropping us off for our train connection to Machu Picchu. We’re aiming to meet our friends on Monday, on the ruins!

I’m also in the process of arranging a half day xtreme motorbike ride up and around the mountains of Cuzco – I really can’t wait and aiming to do this later next week. It’s with these guys Peru Motor Tours apparently the owner is a retired Peruvian motorcross champion – I’m hoping to pick up a few tips (maybe show him a few too!)

We’re also looking to set up and take part in a San Pedro Ceremony with a local Shaman! San Pedro is a psychoactive cactus that has been used for at least 3000 years in Peru, more info here San Pedro – though I do like the following quote, from the same page:

‘the drug first … produces … drowsiness or a dreamy state and a feeling of lethargy … a slight dizziness … then a great ‘vision’, a clearing of all the faculties … it produces a light numbness in the body and afterward a tranquillity. And then comes detachment, a type of visual force … inclusive of all the senses … including the sixth sense, the telepathic sense of transmitting oneself across time and matter … like a kind of removal of one’s thought to a distant dimension.’

It should make for quite an interesting afternoon and if we remember anything (and take photos) I’ll be sure to write it up here. I do like the leaflet though, it gives you some ‘what to do’s/dont’s…’ before the event, my favourite line being ‘Do not consume drugs…’


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