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mmm Guinea Pig….

Posted by Cool Your Jets IV on March 30, 2011

Guinea Pig is a Peruvian favourite, pretty much every restaurant in Cuzco has it on their menu and having never tried it I thought, why not! By all accounts the best place to try Guinea Pig here in Cuzco is a little restaurant called Kusikuy just off Plaza de Armas, on Av. Suecia. It comes two ways, either fried or baked – I opted for baked and was told that it would take 45 minutes… When it arrived, it looked very much like crispy duck minus the plum sauce and pancakes!

It’s quite tasty in a rabbity/chicken kind of way – not much meat and the only way to eat it is with your fingers.

Will I have it again, not sure…

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4 Responses to “mmm Guinea Pig….”

  1. col said

    not so sure about that… looks like rat…

    • It really does – it was alright though, a tad greasy but glad I tried it.

      Looking forward to Asia, thinking I might go on a crazy food odyssey – reckon they’ll be some delights in Vietnam and Cambodia…

  2. OMG!! Hmmm, I´m not really sure about this:) Tasty with the tooth sticking out like that.

    We had some excellent lamb a couple of places on our last days in Argentina. MAN – sooo tasty:) We´re in Santa Cruz, Bolivia now.

    Hope you´re enjoying Lima, looking forward to some good restaurant tips!


    • Hi T&C – we’re actually in Cuzco having cut short Lima, Cuzco is sooo much nicer, with more to do we’re also looking to set up a San Pedro Shaman experience – will keep you posted.

      We’ve saved that tooth for Thomas, thought he may want to make some sort of charm for a necklace!

      Hope you guys are good, saw some great phots on your blog – looks like you’re having a great time.

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