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Cuzco, Peru

Posted by Cool Your Jets IV on March 29, 2011

A short hop from Lima (by plane at least, 1 hour) brings you to the ancient Inca capital, Cuzco which was founded c AD1100. At 3,310 metres above sea level its quite high and also the starting point for many people looking to explore Machu Picchu, the Sacred Valley and Lake Titicaca. The town itself has a lovely feel, with many historic buildings mostly located around the Cathedral on Plaza de Aramas.

The Cathedral on Plaza de Armas

Our hostel is actually based just off the Plaza, we’re staying at the el Peregrino and have a lovely double room overlooking the Cathedral – as yet we’ve not heard too many peeling bells so hopefully their bell-ringer is no longer working there or there’s no bell – fingers crossed!

On arrival we were offered a cup of Cocoa Leaves tea which is what most people drink to combat altitude sickness the tea itself is ‘nothing like the real thing’ but when needs must I’ll try anything! However, you really do notice the altitude, even walking up the stairs to our room sees us quickly out of breath – no wonder many people come here to acclimatize before climbing Machu Picchu.

We’ve just been for a quick wander and for a bite to eat – yet again we found the only curry house in the whole of Cuzco and of course, we tried it out. For $15soles (about £3) they offer an all you can eat buffet, chicken, lamb, veggie dishes and rice – being starved this type of food we tucked straight in, clearing four plates each, all that good work at the Eco Yoga Park has been put aside for the time being! The restaurant is called Maikhana and is located at Av. Sol # 106, just off Plaza de Aramas. Whilst here we’re also keen to try a Peruvian favourite, Guinea Pig – I’ve seen it on a couple of menus already so looks like Mr. Guinea Pig and I will become friends this evening…

Plaza de Armas

We’ve also just realised that some friends of friends are in town so will hopefully hook up with those guys tonight.


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