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Sea food, eat food, enjoy!

Posted by Cool Your Jets IV on March 28, 2011

Pescados Capitales, before the lunchtime rush

Having eaten much too much beef whilst in Buenos Aires, we’ve been desperate to eat some very good seafood/fish – we wrongly thought that there would be plenty of choice in BsAs but alas, they really do only eat beef, lots of it – morning, noon and night, theres very little choice – given all this great beef you’d think they’d do great burgers but no, for some reason they like the ropiest beef patties you could imagine.

However, Lima, on the coast of the Pacific ocean loves it’s fish and today, following several recommendations we visited one of the best fish restaurants in the whole of Lima, Pescados Capitales – about 12 blocks from our hostel. Having been told to arrive early – we were there before the place opened(!) though not an issue as we were shown to a table, we did notice that nearly every other table had a reserved sign, it was looking good.

Where the restaurant is based is not the best part of Miraflores – it’s located on Av. Le Mar which whilst suggesting all things sea is actually a road containing a number of mechanic garages and car dealerships, it’s not very nice nor that smart, certainly at night I’d be inclined to get the restaurant to book you a cab when you come to leave.

Apparently a very good ceviche restaurant called La Mar opened there several years back to great success and a number of restaurants followed suit, meaning there’s a lot of fish in this part of town. Pescados Capitales actually reminded me of a mechanics garage – a huge space, walls now painted white with a large roof with a number of windows – it was clean, looked very smart and was beginning to fill up nicely.


Having eaten so much beef, we decided we’d push the boat out, so to speak and eat well.

Whilst deciding what to eat we were given a couple of scallops on the house, these were dressed with a very tangy dressing along with sesame seeds and were delicious. For starters we ordered some Shrimps, Grilled Octopus and Baked Crab Claws – all were divine – the food was incredibly fresh and nicely spiced, something we missed whilst in BsAs.

For mains we shared a Paella – a very simple dish, mainly made up of Scallops, Sole and Octopus – this was just the right amount of food for the pair of us, anymore would’ve been too much (and we’d have miss out on some Duff…) Whilst eating this we shared a couple of Pisco Sours and also a lovely bottle of Argentinian Chardonnay.

For deserts I had the Peruvian take on Creme Brulee which again was excellent.

We spent nearly three hours in the restaurant and left with big smiles (and full stomachs) back to the hostel.

Tomorrow we leave Miraflores and fly to Cuzco where we’ll be making plans to climb Machu Picchu….


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