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Tango, Day 4!

Posted by Cool Your Jets IV on March 10, 2011

Shelley & Cristian

Cristian & Craig

We’ve now completed day four of our Tango lessons and we’re really enjoying it though at the same time gutted we didn’t get to meet Cristian earlier – he’s a fantastic teacher and though it’s only been four days we both feel that we’ve come on leaps and bounds, we’re hooked – Shelley has already bought herself some hand-made tango shoes from Comme il Faut and she’s apparently going back tomorrow to buy some more!

Tomorrow is our final day and following our lesson the three of us will be going for lunch to celebrate the week.

We’re now busy trying to find a teacher in Lima…

(We’re hoping to upload a video of our dancing tommorow, you’ve been warned!)


4 Responses to “Tango, Day 4!”

  1. col said

    I love Tango… did some lessons a while back and it is the only set dance that I can really do…. would love to go to lessons again…. lets join forces when you are back in blighty…

    have fun you crazy cats.


  2. It’s been a fantastic week, we’ll def be taking it up when we’re back in the UK!

  3. Jon said


    You’ll have to watch out – Williams looks like he’s putting it out. Joking aside, fab. Looking forward to the video upload. Sod’s law eh – just when you are about to break camp.

    • it’s been a great week and surprised at how well we’re doing to be honest though having had years of practice (the Bootneck 2 Step) has helped. Shelley is more surprised than anyone!! We’re off to the Eco park on Saturday, then Lima in a couple of weeks – just seeing whether we can some more lessons there.

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