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Feria in Barrio Colegiales

Posted by Cool Your Jets IV on March 7, 2011


Hot Sausage

The weekend just gone has been an extended bank holiday here in Argentina, can you imagine, two days off and a three-day week – perfect! It’s certainly something we should adopt in the UK. Portenos, like most people in major cities like to escape the City and there’s usually a mass exodus though for those that stay there’s plenty of free parties to be had in the shape of Barrio Ferias.

Buenos Aires is broken up into different Barrios (48 at last count) and each of them over the weekend just gone, hosted a feria – essentially an evening (or two) of watching fellas in marching bands banging drums, whilst a bevvie of local beauties head up the band, dancing away – it was almost like the Irish Festival in Peckham, minus the weather, tug of war on the Sunday and ginger hair!

On the sidelines watching, are all the locals, a mix of young and old who in the main are all quaffing fernet cola like its going out of fashion (though everyone remains merry) and there’s a

Dancing Ladies

real carnival feel to the evening. Theres food, well sausage buns for $8peso which were delicious.

Last night Shelley and I attended the one in Colegiales, the Barrio next ours – we had a fantastic time, a tiny bit of dancing and lots of lovely Argentinian Rose wine. On the way back home I spied lots of decent graffiti (post to follow…)

By all accounts, our Barrio Palermo is hosting theres tonight…


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