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Next stop: Eco Yoga Park, Greater Buenos Aires

Posted by Cool Your Jets IV on March 3, 2011

This could be us on our return...

All of our friends have now left Buenos Aires and we’re starting to think about where we’re heading next, more so since we’ve been based in the city since December 15th. Our friends, Thomas & Camilla recently returned rom the Eco Yoga Park and they had a fantastic time. Apparently the first couple of days are difficult as you adjust though once they got into the routine they really chilled out. They did say that there’s no alcohol, no smoking nor any coffee or internet – I do wonder whether there might be a chance to make some cash by sneaking in some contraband!

The park is a couple of hours bus ride from the centre of BsAs, and to be honest it sounds perfect; for a small fee of $12 per person per day, we get to do all the Yoga our bodies will allow, four pure veg meals a day (i.e. no garlic or onion, something about worms…) some Hare Krishna chanting, various programmes about sustainable living etc.

Sounds perfect, and given we’ve been eating Beef solidly, it’s what our bodies will need – some R’nR for the mind and the gut!

We also need to muck in with four hours worth of ‘work’ each day, this could involve working in the vegetable gardens, teaching English, carpentry, food preparation and cooking, we’re both really looking forward to it and we’re booked in from the 12th March…


6 Responses to “Next stop: Eco Yoga Park, Greater Buenos Aires”

  1. Takes me back to happy times doing Yoga with mira guruji in India.

  2. Takes me back to happy times doing Yoga with mira guruji in India. Hope you enjoy and find karma, but remember there is no instant karma on the path to navana.

  3. Liisa said

    Enjoy – sounds amazing – wish I could come too

    • Hi Liisa – lovely to hear from you. I’ve been peeking over Shelley’s shoulder whilst she’s been on FB, looks like all is going well with you guys. Please pass on my bestest regards to Ali and lots of love to you and the grrls!!

  4. col said

    When you come back to England stay at my house.. I will give you a lesson in yoga every day, feed you a can of tinned tomatoes and get you grafting for 4 hours on cleaning the Brass with recycled underpants. And no porn.

    Have fun you guys..



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