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Sikker reiser og lykke til…

Posted by Cool Your Jets IV on March 1, 2011

We said cheerio to Camilla and Thomas this evening, our friends from Norway whom we’ve known since the start of the year. We’ve had some memorable nights with these guys and will keep in touch – they’re actually heading to Mendoza which is west of Buenos Aires before moving north, I believe we’re hoping to hook up in Salta over the coming weeks.

If you speak Norwegian, you can follow their travels here: Thomas & Camilla’s Blog


2 Responses to “Sikker reiser og lykke til…”

  1. Shelley said

    Been great knowing you guys Camilla and Thomas! See you around Salta! x

  2. Hi and thanks for the goodbye greeting! So nice of you to cook up a delicious farewell dinner for us!

    Been a pleasure getting to know you both! BA would not have been the same (for better or worse):)

    Thomas y Camilla

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