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Closed Door Restaurants, La Cocina Discreta

Posted by Cool Your Jets IV on February 28, 2011

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Closed Door Restaurants are all the rage here in Buenos Aires, certainly we’d heard of them in London and New York however Portenos have really taken them to heart, there’s literally dozens and dozens of them and whilst not needing an excuse to go out for dinner our good friend Joe left these shores, returning back to Chicago (very near anyway) so on Saturday night we all visited La Cocina Discreta

Having paid a deposit (we were a group of 12) the address was released and at the designated time we arrived, I say arrived as it took a good ten minutes finding door – a typical door amongst a parade of shops in Villa Crespo. It’s kinda strange entering a strangers house for dinner – it had the feeling of a Dinner Party we’d host in London only this was somebody elses house and whilst we were paying, we’re still guests!

The house was lovely, typically Buenos Aires as in it was one of the older type buildings, high ceilings, incredibly long corridor which opened up into the kitchen with a large lounge attached – the lounge had been cleared of their ‘normal’ furniture and there was our table set up in a large square and two other tables set up for two. It’s run by a young Couple who apparently lost their jobs when the peso collapsed and decided to open their house as a restaurant, though its only open on a Friday and Saturday, seating max 16.

The food was lovely – for starters I chose the Mushroom Tartlet which was superb and very moreish – savoury with a wonderful taste of mushroom coming through. I did wonder whether there was any truffle present though forgot to ask! My main dish was a Fillet of Beef wrapped in Prosciutto, out of all the dishes this is the one that everyone thought was the best (others opted for an Indian dish, Chicken Tandoori) melt in the mouth Beef with the saltiness of the prosciutto really enhancing the flavours.

The whole evening was wonderful and it was  a good send off for Joe. Speeches were made – rather drunken speeches and there were many laughs and lots of conversations taking place with all swapping seats to sit and chat with everyone. I don’t really remember the desert though assume that was also delicious.

It’s a wonderful place, very cosy and special though I did feel a little sorry for the two couples who found themselves sharing a room with a table of twelve so check if you’re looking for something a little romantic. Still, it’s worth checking out so if you get the chance, drop them an email, follow the address, find the door and knock…

Following dinner we wandered into Palermo, finding a little cocktail bar to see out the rest of the night.


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