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Another day, another goodbye…

Posted by Cool Your Jets IV on February 28, 2011

Lunch, Las Cabras

As is becoming our normal routine,today saw us saying cheerio to two friends from London, Rachel and Tush. We’re just back from seeing them both off – we had a great lunch at Las Cabras here is Palermo Hollywood (corner of Costa Rica y el Salvador.) Not able to face a 400gm piece of beef for lunch I opted for the Chicken Quesadilla which was superb and just right for such a time. The girls Tortilla with Tush opting for the Beef Chorizo, which on arrival looked fantastic and very much had a case of food envy!

We also shared three bottles of wine which is a bit cheeky for a Monday lunchtime!

Missing friends

They came over for a week and are now en route to Rio for a further week before flying back to the UK all refreshed and ready for work – though I somehow doubt this as both like a little liquid refreshment early in the afternoon… It’s been fun having them both here and will certainly miss both ‘Con Gas’ and Tush (even if he is a QPR fan!)

Hasta Luego and enjoy Rio!


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