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Hang the DJ

Posted by Cool Your Jets IV on February 26, 2011

One of the residents in our block is playing their hi-fi, in fact the idiots have been playing it all day, well for the last seven hours and they have the shittiest taste in music, its dire. Mostly 80’s with plenty of female power ballads – it’s driving us, and I’m pretty sure the rest of the building nuts.

I would be too ashamed to even own the songs let alone playing it so loud you can hear it across the street.

Thankfully, we’re going out in the next hour – the whole gang are heading to a ‘closed’ restaurant as tomorrow see’s Joe heading back to Chicago, so Bob (Canadian Lumberjack – he’s ok!) has reserved a table for dinner so that we can say cheerio and good luck. Pretty sure they’ll be some Canadian tears, though not Bobs… 😉

The restaurant we’re heading to is called La Cocina Discreta  – these ‘closed’ restaurants are all the rage here in Buenos Aires – essentially people host dinners at their own apartments for small groups. We’ve no idea what to expect but we’re really, really looking forward.

Though, they best have some decent music otherwise it’ll be a very quick visit…


2 Responses to “Hang the DJ”

  1. Renee King said

    Oh, Craig, you poor soul. That’s gotta be hard…I mean, I don’t want to hear loud music even if it’s something I love. Your neighbors are beyond rude. Just remember to take a couple of aspirins before you turn in for the night!

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